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Why should you visit Seville?

Seville is a city with a glorious past: founded by Hercules, Roman colony that saw the birth of two emperors, capital of an Almohad kingdom that extended over the Maghreb and half of Spain, the only port of entry for all the treasures of the Americas...

Seville is now the capital of Andalusia. A lively, vibrant, sunny city, both festive and traditional... It is one of the most visited cities in Spain and the first in the world ranking of cities to visit in 2018 according to Lonely Planet!

How to visit Seville? 

To visit Seville is to fall in love!

In love with the labyrinth of alleys of the judería, its squares with its fountains, its people, its architecture, its churches and convents, its mosaics, its flamenco, its atmosphere, the blue sky, the smell of orange blossom, the Feria, the tapas and the cold beer on the terrace, the Guadalquivir river that crosses it peacefully, the great devotion during the Holy Week...

Sylvain Arzo dans le parc María Luisa à Séville

"My name is Sylvain, I am a French engineer and author of the blog Decidestuvida.com. I live and work in Seville since 2007. I am married to a Sevillian woman and we have 3 children who struggle between camembert cheese and Iberian ham.

I fell in love with Seville from the first time I met her, and the purpose of this website is to introduce my adopted city to anyone who wants to visit.


YES! I decided to visit Seville

If you have already made your decision, you can click on this button so that I can guide you in the preparation of your trip, starting with the choice of the best season to come, until the reservation of flights, accommodation, visits... And the best part is that all the information is free!

I don't know... I'm not convinced yet

In this case I suggest you read the article I prepared with 10 good reasons to visit Seville. And if I still can't convince you, I will leave it to others to persuade you that Seville is a city worth visiting 😉

Lonely Planet declares Seville the best destination in 2018

Lonely Planet's experts have traveled the globe in search of the best destinations for you to visit in 2018. And it's Seville that has the honor of ranking first!

This is the first time that a Spanish city has been ranked so highly.

Séville est la meilleure ville à visiter en 2018 selon le Lonely Planet

Quotes from famous people about Seville

The worst thing is not that the Sevillians think they have the most beautiful city in the world, it is that they may be right.

Antonio Gala

Spanish writer

Seville is a city that challenges literature. It is simply one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

The guardian

British newspaper

He who has not seen Seville has not seen Wonder.

Lord Biron

British poet

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The highlights of Seville in pictures

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Alright... I let myself be seduced by Seville

I assure you that you have made the right choice. I have no doubt that Seville will charm you. You can click on this button and I will guide you in the preparation of your trip.

I am still not convinced

There are many destinations in the world, and Seville can't win every time 😉 I hope you will have the opportunity to visit us soon!