Plan a trip to Seville

You have decided to visit Seville, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. You will not be disappointed! I will help you to prepare your trip in 7 steps.

And if you need help or advice before or during your trip, don't hesitate to send me your comments in the "Travel Forum" section at the bottom of the page. I will be happy to answer and give you some advice.


Select the dates for the trip

Before preparing the trip you need to start by choosing the dates. Seville is a good destination all year round, but each season has its advantages and disadvantages.


Compare and book the journey

Once you have chosen the dates, you can start looking for availability to book your transportation. Flying is the most popular option for getting to Seville, but you can also do it by car or train.


Organize visits in the surroundings of Seville

Before booking accommodation, it is important to know if you are going to spend your entire stay in Seville or if you plan to visit the surrounding area. For a first stay of 2 or 3 days, I don't think it's worthwhile to plan any other visits. That's just enough time to visit the most important of Seville.

On the other hand, if you come for a longer period of time or if you already know Seville, it is interesting to see all the options that exist within 3 hours of Seville.


Compare and book accommodation

At this point, you have already decided how many days you will spend in Seville. Now it's time to book your accommodation. There are many hotel and apartment options in the center. It's up to you to decide which one you prefer.


Prepare the plan of visits in Seville

The organization of your trip can be completed once you have booked your accommodation. But if you prefer to prepare a visit plan to make the most of your stay, I suggest several routes to explore the main points of interest in Seville.


See offers and promotions

Before booking the visits, I recommend you to have a look at the page I prepared with the good plans and the offers to organize an economic visit. You will also find exclusive discounts that I have negotiated for some activities.


Book entrance fees and guided tours

Most admissions and guided tours can be purchased directly on site, but I recommend that you book in advance to make sure you have places available and to avoid wasting your time in waiting lines.

Important: if you plan to visit the Alhambra in Granada (2.5 hours from Seville), it is essential to book several months in advance in order to have a place. You can find all the information in my specific article on visiting Granada.

Congratulations! Everything is ready for the trip. I hope you enjoy your stay.

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If you need any help or advice before or during your trip, don't hesitate to leave me your comments in this section. I will be happy to answer you ­čśë

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